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Random Thoughts as Fall Begins

As we look to officially enter the last quarter of the year, I thought I would provide some thoughts on past developments and future predictions. For starters:

  • How does Bill O’Reilly and his conservative cronies like that electoral map now? About six weeks ago while travelling; I got into my hotel room and Fox was on the television with O’Reilly telling his audience how Obama will lose every single swing state and has no chance of re-election. Take that Bill O’Reilly;
  • While on that topic I have believed and still maintain that Obama will get re-elected almost as easily as he did in 2008. Maybe a little closer, but not much. All Romney has to do is keep speaking and his numbers will surely continue to decline – and we haven’t even gotten to the debates which may be very ugly for the former Massachusetts governor;
  • There’s little question the very best show on television is Sons of Anarchy on FX Tuesday nights at 10:00. Now in its 5th year (when even most good series start to lose steam) Sons just keeps getting better. For those unfamiliar, it is like the Sopranos – only on motorcycles in California. The difference: much more action and violence and less useless conversation;
  • Here’s something that has confused and somewhat bothered me for some time now. Why do all of us who live in the suburbs have to donate to keep vital services like EMS operating in our local town?  Every Saturday some group is on the main road trying to collect money. Okay I can understand the local volleyball team, but last week it was emergency services which is very scary and leaves me wondering where exactly is my tax dollars going these days;
  • To me, the New York Giants are very similar to the New Jersey Devils – always underestimated and overachieving. Think that might be the case again this year;
  • While on that subject, I would love to be the person who came up with fantasy football as it seems as though just about everybody you meet is in at least one league, if not more. The fantasy action, combined with the tremendous amount of money bet (legally and illegally) on professional football is one reason it will never be replaced as the number one sport in this country;
  • On the business front, looks like 2012 will end up being a fairly good year overall. While we may not be totally back to the pre-depression period, seems to be more positive attitude overall and companies once again beginning to spend money on marketing and communications. Let’s hope it lasts into 2013;
  • One big change for next year will be the role of these online influence/bloggers. Seems more and more are now looking to get paid for everything from reviews to giveaways. Certainly a change from the early days of relying on these bloggers for non-biased information and advice. Will definitely change the way the p.r. and digital world works with these influences and in long run will likely lessen their credibility if just about everything these post is a paid endorsement;
  • Lots of travel the next month or so, but will try to get back into the swing of things with this blogging. Don’t know how those who post everyday do it – actually I do as they have a team of researchers identifying topics and likely helping with the actual writing.
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